At last! Custom Credit Solutions for Small businesses that are fair, fast, and flexible!

Zero ballon - own it and keep it or get an upgrade

Cash flow, tax breaks and the ability to negotiate!

We offer a range of custom credit solutions and rental lease finance that allow you to get the things you need now to get your business moving. Funda business is here to help you grow.

We understand how hard it is for small to medium businesses, self employed or trades people to obtain finance for critical equipment, tooling and systems. With the flexibility to get what you want, from where you want at the price you want. Our Fair, Fast and Flexible Custom Credit Solutions are one that’s actually designed to fit your needs and your budget.

Funda rental lease finance is smart if you want to:

  • Release cash to run your business
  • Claim up to 100% tax deductions
  • Negotiate the purchase price
  • Structure expenditure to your budget
  • Smooth out cash flow
Up to $ 10,000 up to 48 months - with Funds rental lease finance, you can have the Equipment you need for values up to $10,000, over terms of up to 48 months.

Need tools, equipment or furniture now? You can with Funda.